In November 2013,
the California Stewardship Network and California Forward hosted the second annual California Economic Summit.

Read the nine proposals that emerged from the conference and how they can drive economic growth across all regions of California HERE.

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The California Stewardship Network represents twelve diverse regions in California who together are committed to tackling the state’s most pressing economic, environmental and community challenges.

Old approaches are not working. The state is massive, the problems are growing more complex by the day, and there is little agreement on how to address our most nagging statewide challenges; how to spark widespread prosperity and wellbeing for all, improve education outcomes, protect our environment, or strengthen hard-pressed communities.

We tend to approach problems as isolated from one another instead of recognizing them as related and part of a larger system. Overcoming them depends on restoring a stewardship ethic in California; one that calls for a healthy respect for profound economic, social and environmental forces that together shape our lives and the future vitality of our communities and our state.

Quietly, but persistently, California’s regions have become laboratories for new breakthrough efforts. Small enough to gather stakeholders around a common table, but large enough to trigger actions that are felt by whole communities, regions are becoming powerful innovation centers where business, community and government leaders-civic entrepreneurs- are creating new pathways and new partnerships to achieve collective impact in their part of the state.